Branch Street Coffee Roasters

At Branch Street Coffee Roasters, we do things differently. We have a passion for all things coffee, and we want to share our excitement with you. From the moment you experience the first taste, you will know that it is something special.

It all starts with the coffee. We work closely with importers to find the best coffee available on the market. When a special offering becomes available, we get a call.

Our coffee roasting method is what really sets us apart. We proudly use a Diedrich specialty coffee roaster to bring out flavors and characteristics that put our product in a league of its own. Each coffee is carefully studied and tasted before we design a roasting method that will enhance the flavor for that particular bean.

To ensure freshness, we fire up the roaster several times a week and small-batch roast only the amount we use. This ensures that the coffee is as fresh as it can be, and it is loaded with flavor when it hits your cup.

Come see why Branch Street Coffee Roasters is different. It is the attention to detail and the passion for coffee that allows us to brew the perfect cup, every time.

Experience the difference.

Owners Matt and Kristin Campbell live in Boardman, OH. They have two children and love being part of the Youngstown community.

Life long Austintown native, Kristin, works full time as a Business Analyst. She earned her MBA from Monmouth University in New Jersey. After the arrival of their son, Kristin and Matt moved home to Boardman to raise their family.

Roaster and self proclaimed coffee nerd, Matt, left a promising career in medicine to follow his dream of being a coffee roaster and barista. He spent 12 years in medicine doing oncology work before deciding to pursue that dream.

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Kitchen Manager: Kasey Dales