Three Thousand Leaves Premium Lose Leaf Tea

Tea Time is back!
Special-Teas, Etc. offers a fresh, unique approach to "tea time" that transcends the trendy cafe. Our exclusive brand, Three Thousand Leaves®, includes over 150 varieties of teas and tisanes–from traditional English Breakfast to Rooibos and Chocolate Pu-erh. Our goal is to listen to our customers' desires and strive to suit all tastes, all occasions. There are literally 10,000 varieties of tea and tisanes worldwide, we are continually educating ourselves and our customers about our products.

It all began in our small kitchen in a quiet, southwestern Pennsylvania town. Little did we know that our healthy obsession would outgrow its britches so quickly! In only a few short years, we developed into a thriving business that currently ships all over the country, proudly serving tea lovers at bed-and-breakfasts, regional bakeries, and in homes just like yours.

Exclusive quality blends
Special-Teas, Etc. proudly carries its exclusive line of teas and herbals, Three Thousand Leaves. From traditional English Breakfast to Vanilla Rooibos and Premium Oolongs, our 150 blends cater to all tastes and suit all seasons. Our store chooses only the highest quality teas and tisanes from the most reputable plantations worldwide. We would never sell what we wouldn't drink ourselves.

Why the name "Three Thousand Leaves?"
This number is significant for two reasons. The first recorded usage of a camellia sinensis plant for tea dates back 3,000 years to China. Also, it is said that one tea plant produces approximately 3,000 leaves that can be cultivated for fine tea. While that may seem awfully bountiful, consider this: those leaves will yield about a pound of tea...translating to only 200 cups. Hence, the vast plantations. And with thousands of plants to be cultivated twice annually, the finest plantations have still held onto ancient practices of hand-picking the youngest leaves, thus preserving the finest growth for the perfect cup.

It only seems appropriate to use these pieces of lore for our blends' name.

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Kitchen Manager: Kasey Dales